Wisconsin Spring Turkey Hunts

Guided turkey hunts take place in zones 1 and 3 in WI (also offer few hunts in zones 2 & 4).  In zone three the hunting location is centered around Stevens Point and in zone one around Potosi, WI.  The key for our high success rate in turkey hunting is relentless scouting that we do throughout the spring to make sure we are right where the birds want to be each day.  Eastern turkeys are one of the toughest sub-species to pursue and commit to calling this is why scouting is so important.  We will put the birds to bed the night before each hunt and know where they are come morning.

We hunt hundreds of acres of land in each zone so there is no shortage of land or turkeys to hunt.  We will have multiple birds located for each hunt.  We run a wide variety of turkey decoys and set ups, and can handle any ability level or age.  We hunt single or a pair of hunters from the same party for each guide.  Multiple qualified guides for larger groups (6-8 hunters) can easily be arranged.  All are qualified and geared for bow or gun hunters.


Pattern Your Gun Prior to Hunting

I have had multiple misses over the years.  Number one reason is because people do not shoot their guns before they come on the hunt.  The misses are not because turkeys are out of range (within 30 yrds).  I can only recall one miss that was marginal distance over the years, so please get out and shoot your gun prior to the hunt and see how they pattern.


Get Your Turkey Tags

There are two ways of getting a turkey tag in Wisconsin.  The first is to apply by December 1oth on the Wisconsin DNR website.  If you did not apply or want to buy a second tag the extra tags go on sale for over the counter purchase in mid-March.  The extra tags can be bought at any place that sells licenses or bought online and you can purchase one tag per day until they are sold out so multiple tags can easily be purchased.  If you are waiting to the last minute there still might be tags available so contact me and I can let you know if there still are tags and open dates for the areas we guide.


Lodging Info

There are many hotel and motel options in the Stevens Point area.  I have a few listed in the information that I will send you at time of booking, but if you would like contact information to any other area hotels I will be glad to give it to you.  Turkey hunts taking place in zone 1 I have cabin rentals available as well.

In zones 2, 3, and 4 there is hotel lodging available that I can provide contact info at time of booking.  There is generally multiple hotels in the area so you can choose the one that suites your needs the best.  In zone one there are two cabin rentals for the hunt or a hotel option.

Turkey Hunt Pricing:

One to four days of hunting the cost is $395 for a single day or $375 per day for more than 1 day booked and is good for one turkey. If you want to purchase more than one tag or your partner has a tag to fill pricing for a second turkey is $200 a day. If the first turkey is harvested after 2 pm that day then we will continue hunting for no extra charge that day.

Wounded Game Policy:

Wounded game policy is in effect while turkey hunting. If the turkey is shot at and not recovered pricing for the second turkey will be enforced to continue hunting.

Rates and Hunting Trip Packages

Pricing is per person, except turkey.

Pricing is based on booking your party and only your party on hunting or fishing trips to ensure the best experience.  Select days can be arranged for split group pricing for WI duck hunts.  If you have any questions on any pricing feel free to contact me.

Upon booking the hunt a 50% down payment will secure your hunting dates which is required within 14 days of booking.  No refunds will be issued after hunt is booked unless we happen to cancel it for any reason.

Hunting Trip Type Rates
Wisconsin Duck Hunts: 1 to 3 people Call for pricing
Wisconsin Duck Hunts: 4 people $275 per person
South Dakota Snow Goose $250 per person
Wisconsin Turkey Hunts $595 per day
Turkey Hunt per day (1/1 or 2/1 guiding)
Add $200 per day additional past 1st bird
Add $325 for 2 or more days of hunting
Texas Hunts:
Less than 4 persons or groups of 5 to 7
Groups of 4 to 8 people
All pricing includes lodging the night before and breakfast after the hunt.
Call for pricing
Texas Hunts: AM Hunt $350
Texas Hunts: AM Hunt / PM Fishing Trip $500
Texas Hunts: AM/PM Hunt $550

Wisconsin License Information

Waterfowl: Wisconsin Small Game license, Federal and Wisconsin Waterfowl Stamp, Exterior Goose Permit (optional with duck hunts).

Turkey: (Apply by December 10th on DNR webpage or leftover tags go on sale in mid-March) Turkey license/Tag for zone one or three and Wisconsin Turkey stamp.

Fishing: 1,4, 14 day, or annual WI fishing license.


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