Mississippi River Duck Hunts

Hunting the Magnificent Mississippi River is definitely a world class hunting destination that every waterfowler should experience at least once in their hunting career.  The great part about the big river is that it holds ducks from opening day through the end of the season.  There is great early season teal and wood duck shooting to late season diver and mallard hunting.  The one thing that hunters always ask, “when is the best time to come?”  My answer is what kind of a hunt are you looking for, since I will recommend a time frame for the hunt that you will be satisfied with.  One of the great things while hunting on the Mississippi River is that we harvest around 20 different waterfowl species a year.  You never know what will be cupped and committed next. Many days we shoot 6 or more species a day.  During the month of October we harvest a variety of puddle ducks; wood ducks, teal (bwt & gwt), mallards, gadwall, widgeon, pintail, and black ducks.  The most common divers that show in October are blue bills, ringnecks, bufflehead, redheads, and canvasbacks.  During the month of November we get a large mix as well, but usually people are after canvasbacks.  We stage over 75% of the worlds population on the pools I hunt at one time where seeing over 100,000 ducks in a days hunt is common.  Canvasbacks stage on the river so once they are present they stick around until ice up!  Swarms of canvasbacks are seen daily using the river feeding on the wild celery growing in the river.  Besides canvasbacks; mallards, gadwall, widgeon, bufflehead, bluebills, redheads, and goldeneyes are the common species harvested in November.

(Mix of puddlers and divers are common on hunts over the same decoys)

It is not just the great duck hunting that makes the river so magnificent, but also the scenery and numerous types of wildlife and bird species that can be viewed.  On the hunt you will have a great opportunity to view some of the thousands of tundra swans and bald eagles that use the Mississippi River.

We run custom duck boats that can haul large decoy spreads, gear, along with four hunters and guide safely to the hunting location.  The majority of the hunts will be conducted out of the boat, which is heated on cold days.  You will be hunting over large decoy spreads. While on the hunt you can help set decoys if you would like to take an active part in the hunt.  If not this hunt is fit for any ability and skill level since all you have to do is to hop in the boat at the landing and then step off when we are done.


Lodging Info

Have lodging for one  party of up to 4 people.  Second party booked will send out lodging contact info with nearby lodging.   It’s a nice cabin where me and my hunting guide stay along with your party so you can interact with us throughout the evening.  Has a hot tub, charcoal grill, fire pit, wi-fi, and cable tv.  It’s a great place to stay with an awesome view of the area.

Hunting the Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge

Over 75% of the Worlds Canvasback population can be using the refuge during peak migration, with most of them concentrated in just a few miles of river that I guide on.

40% of the Continent’s waterfowl population uses the Mississippi flyway during fall migration.

Upper Mississippi River is rated in the top 1o all time waterfowl hunting destinations in all of North America by Ducks Unlimited!

What’s Included on These Trips:

Heated 20’and 22′ custom hunting boats

Large spreads consisting of magnum decoys

Great duck calling

Hot breakfast cooked on the boat

Knowledgeable guide that knows the river in and out

Guides who put in 110% effort every day into your hunt

Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunts

The hunt starts with meeting right at the cabin or boat landing.  From there we will set decoys and get ready for the hunt.  We will cook a big hot brunch come mid-morning.  Pricing is $200 a day for parties of 3-4 hunters or payment of 3 will hold the boat for your group in September/October and $250 a gun for November hunts with 4 people or payment.   Single and mixed party hunts please contact me for availability since I do not mix groups but a couple days a season since I want everyone to have a great experience. My goal on the hunts is so that everyone have an enjoyable experience.  I run one party and have a guide so we can handle parties of up to 8 people.


Lodging Info

During the season I book two hunting parties a day.  The first party booking has the chance to stay with me at the “pines” cabin on the Mississippi River hunts.  It’s a nice cabin located nearby the hunting location.  The 2nd party booking if the lodge is not booked I usually package the hunt price with lodging so it fills.  If the first party booking that day booked the cabin I will send out a lodging contact information sheet for you to book nearby accommodations.  Lodging includes a continental breakfast; muffins, juice, and coffee in the morning (still have a brunch cooked on boat).  Has a hot tub to relax and warm up in, an outside fire pit, grill along with a fully stocked kitchen to use if you want to cook your own dinner.  There are also several good places to eat nearby from anything from a supper club to burger joints.  Has wi-fi and cable tv.


Green Bay and Lake Michigan Duck Hunts

Several hunting parties each year spend a couple days on the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes.  You can get in some of the best duck hunting WI and the mid-West has to offer with hunting both locations in one trip.  Lake Michigan/Green Bay hunts are good from opener to close of the season.  Check out the great lakes hunt page for more info!


Lodging Info

Comfort Inn – Sturgeon Bay
923 Green Bay Road
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235

September & October Hunts Pricing:

Pricing is $200 a gun for 3-4 people.  Hunts in Sept through October consist of teal, gadwall, mallards, widgeon, wood ducks, and pintails.  Usually the 3rd/4th week of Oct we start shooting some divers like ring necks, bufflehead, and Canvasbacks. Reason why hunting prices are $200 a gun in Sept/Oct vs Nov/Dec is because the demand for the hunt is not has high but as you can see from the pictures the hunting is good!

November & Early December Hunts Pricing:

Pricing is $250 a gun or payment for 4 people. We try and shoot puddlers (Mallards, Gadwall, Widgeon most common) and divers (Canvasbacks, Redheads, Bufflhead, Bluebills, and Goldneyes most common) over the same decoys throughout the month. Some days we shoot more divers and others more puddlers want to decoy but as a whole we get a mix of both puddlers and divers on most all hunts. This is the time for canvasbacks.

Cast & Blast Trips

Fishing trips will be conducted by accredited U.S Coast Guard captains with many years in the guiding business on the Mississippi River. The package will include an a.m duck hunt with an afternoon fishing trip. October and November are great times to be on the water fishing. In October fishing is great for walleyes, smallmouth bass, panfish, and catfish. The month of November is one of the best months of the year to catch numerous and large walleyes. Once you are done hunting in the a.m. you will be able to come in take a little break and head back on the water for some afternoon fishing. Pricing includes 1 fishing guide for 2-3 people and two guides for 4 people to ensure maximum results.

Great Trips for AM duck and PM pheasant hunts

This hunt will start just like the regular hunt but rather than hunting till mid day and calling it, your hunt will end mid-morning. Then come in for a little R&R and head back out for an afternoon pheasant hunt.

Rates and Hunting Trip Packages

Pricing is per person, except turkey.

Pricing is based on booking your party and only your party on hunting or fishing trips to ensure the best experience.  Select days can be arranged for split group pricing for WI duck hunts.  If you have any questions on any pricing feel free to contact me.

Upon booking the hunt a 50% down payment will secure your hunting dates which is required within 14 days of booking.  No refunds will be issued after hunt is booked unless we happen to cancel it for any reason.

Hunting Trip Type Rates
Wisconsin Duck Hunts: 1 to 3 people Call for pricing
Wisconsin Duck Hunts: 4 people $275 per person
South Dakota Snow Goose $250 per person
Wisconsin Turkey Hunts $595 per day
Turkey Hunt per day (1/1 or 2/1 guiding)
Add $200 per day additional past 1st bird
Add $325 for 2 or more days of hunting
Texas Hunts:
Less than 4 persons or groups of 5 to 7
Groups of 4 to 8 people
All pricing includes lodging the night before and breakfast after the hunt.
Call for pricing
Texas Hunts: AM Hunt $350
Texas Hunts: AM Hunt / PM Fishing Trip $500
Texas Hunts: AM/PM Hunt $550

Wisconsin License Information

Waterfowl: Wisconsin Small Game license, Federal and Wisconsin Waterfowl Stamp, Exterior Goose Permit (optional with duck hunts).

Turkey: (Apply by December 10th on DNR webpage or leftover tags go on sale in mid-March) Turkey license/Tag for zone one or three and Wisconsin Turkey stamp.

Fishing: 1,4, 14 day, or annual WI fishing license.


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