Spring Snow Goose Hunts

There is nothing like snow goose hunting during the spring conservation season.  Once you do a spring goose hunt you will be addicted.  The great thing about the spring snow goose hunt is you get to marvel at the massive amount of birds work your spread.  All you have to do is sit there and watch the show!  Enjoy watching birds dip and dive into the decoys by the hundreds if not thousands at a time.  Harvesting over 100 birds a day is not uncommon, and killing over 2oo can happen as long as you bring enough shells and shooters!  Spring of 2015 had a 45 bird average, Spring 2014 average of 35 birds a day and every hunt in 2014 and 2015 we killed geese with zero goose eggs!

Hunts are run from March 5th through April 3rdfor snow geese in SD. Dates each year are a little flexible depending what the winter/spring weather is.  Some years we start earlier in March and others not till mid-March and run into April.  Spring of 2016 looks like it will be early so we are going to start and end earlier.

The most effective and realistic decoys on the market are full-bodies.  This is why we run them. They are way more expensive to run and take a lot more equipment to run and gun full-body decoys effectively.  We have multiple enclosed trailers, side-side UTV’s with tracks, and trailers to haul gear in and out effectivly.  We try and move on juvy feeds putting you on the X every day once feeding pocket form.  All depends on the spring but usually we start running traffic and as the spring progresses we move daily to be on the birds.  I guarantee we are one of the most effective and hardest working outfitters out there!  We are committed to getting these birds feet down and in your face.  That’s what hunting is all about!

We advertise these hunts as full day, Morning and Afternoon shoots where we go in for a little break mid-day to get some lunch and head back out in the afternoon, or if hunting the pit bring some food to cook in it!  Once an awhile we will pull the plug after the a.m hunt since the birds have moved or we shot at all the birds coming off the roost to that field.  There will always be at least one guide scouting birds for the following days hunt to ensure we are always on the X!


Lodging Info

Depending on where we are at we will help you with some lodging contact information.

When booking a hunt we can line you out on where we think we will be depending on the time of your booking. We start out just west of Souix Falls and move north when needed depending what the birds are doing.

Hunt Snow geese over full body decoys!

Spring of 17′ we added a 3rd pit! In the spring of 16′ we offered pit blind hunts in SD. They went over very well with clients along with the geese! So we built another to have a 3rd pit for the spring of 2017! There are many positives to hunting out of a pit blind. To name a few its nice to be more sociable with your party while on the hunt, not having the sun or rain beating on your face, and easier for people to be fast on the gun for shooting. After hunting the area for years we placed these pits in good flight paths. Pits will have 1000+ decoy set.

Rates and Hunting Trip Packages

Pricing is per person, except turkey.

Pricing is based on booking your party and only your party on hunting or fishing trips to ensure the best experience.  Select days can be arranged for split group pricing for WI duck hunts.  If you have any questions on any pricing feel free to contact me.

Upon booking the hunt a 50% down payment will secure your hunting dates which is required within 14 days of booking.  No refunds will be issued after hunt is booked unless we happen to cancel it for any reason.

Hunting Trip Type Rates
Wisconsin Duck Hunts: 1 to 3 people Call for pricing
Wisconsin Duck Hunts: 4 people $275 per person
South Dakota Snow Goose $250 per person
Wisconsin Turkey Hunts $595 per day
Turkey Hunt per day (1/1 or 2/1 guiding)
Add $200 per day additional past 1st bird
Add $325 for 2 or more days of hunting
Texas Hunts:
Less than 4 persons or groups of 5 to 7
Groups of 4 to 8 people
All pricing includes lodging the night before and breakfast after the hunt.
Call for pricing
Texas Hunts: AM Hunt $350
Texas Hunts: AM Hunt / PM Fishing Trip $500
Texas Hunts: AM/PM Hunt $550

South Dakota License Information

Snow Goose: Need to have a Spring Light Goose Permit $50 for non-residents.

Click to purchase license.

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