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Wisconsin Fishing Guide
 Vilas, Oneida, Forest, and Iron counties
Minocqua, Eagle River, St. Germain,Manitowish Waters, and Boulder Junction

Fish with the one of the best

Capt. Matt and Nate Osfar have cashed over $100,000 in total tournament winnings in their young careers!

Fishing Northern WI for Walleyes, Musky, and Bass

Capt. Matt Raley guides fishing trips in Northern WI during the summer months.  He guides in Vilas, Oneida, Iron, and Forest Counties.  Around the towns of Eagle River, Woodruff/Minocqua, Manitowish Waters, St. Germain and the muskie capital of the world Boulder Junction. Capt. Matt is one of the best musky anglers not only in northern WI but the entire world!  Cashing thousands in prize winnings year after year in musky tournaments.

Not only being one of the best musky fishermen in the country Capt. Matt also dedicates a lot of this time chasing walleyes and Bass.  Plenty of walleyes roam the numerous lakes in the region.  Many days he can put you on a limit of eater walleyes or target trophies depending what your looking for.  For bass fishing there are many lakes that run great numbers of largemouth or smallmouth bass.  Along with that other lakes contain some brute brozebacks and bucketmouths.

Fishing information:

Capt. Matt travels around the area fishing in the area to where you are staying.  One difference in his fishing trips over the hunting trips is that many clientele already have lodging lined up.  So hes always on the move fishing the area depending where you are staying.  If you want lodging options Capt. Matt can easily line you out on a great place to stay depending what your looking for since lodging in the area is nearly endless.

One of the biggest things when it comes to musky fishing is stamina.  Fishing for muskies is not easy.  It is a lot of work to fish for muskies the right way.  He can work with many ability levels but it does take some effort to fish for them.

Capt. Matt is dedicated to put you on fish.  He does things differently than the rest that is why he is regarded as one of the best.  He puts in the extra work and effort to get you on fish. Capt. Matt has seen over the years that straight full day fishing trips are kind of a waste of time and money since many days your best bite windows will be in the morning and evening.  This is the best opportunity to catch fish.  People booking full day trips during the summer months is a loosing battle many days due to the lack of mid-day fish activity and fishing stamina.  His theory is to fish when the fish are biting the best.  Makes the most sense but many local guides do not do that.  They offer a full day trip and grind it out throughout the day till your time is done.  Capt. Matt doesn't like to do that since he likes to make his fishing time on the water the most effective.  He has found many parties want to fish for muskies but also want to have more rod bending action than what musky fishing usually offers.  Even though he has a very high success rate on musky fishing trips many days your average catch is a fish or two during the trip.  Capt. Matt has had several 5 muskies boated half day trips but your typical day is 1-2 muskies boated.  Most half day trips Capt. Matt puts you on muskies and can do that in that time before people become fatigued casting.  Since people want to also catch a meal of fish or have some rod bending action with less effort he likes to package a lot of his full day trips as a combination and fish for them when they bite the best.  He offers what he calls a modified full day.  Where you will fish the morning and afternoon during prime times but has his pricing to where it won't break the bank as badly as booking 2 1/2 day trips where you get the best of both worlds and not waste your time on the water fishing through the heat of the day grinding out the typical full day trip.

Fishing trip packages:

If you want to bring your favorite fishing rod you can but all top end rods, equipment, and live bait is included in the price of the trip so there are no hidden fees in the price of the trip.

1/2 Day:  4 hrs fishing time or until a limit is caught

Best for those who want to go out and catch eater walleyes, bass, mix bag of fish, or muskies.  Price is $250 and is good for 1-3 anglers. All live bait costs is included in the price.

Its the most popular trip for kids, or anyone who wants to hit the water for a great morning or afternoon.  This is also a good trip for those of you who want to learn the water your staying on during your vacation.  Can be used to fish for any species Capt. Matt targets.

Modified Full Day:

Fish the morning and evening!  Capt. Matt does something different than most guides do.  He targets fish when they want to bite.  I know it sounds weird but its true.  Most all guides offer full day trips but many days your wasting a lot of effort fishing during the middle of the day.  This one is ideal for those who want to fish for muskies but also want rod bending action as well.  This trip usually consists of hitting the water in the morning for walleyes, bass, or good mixed bag, then head out in the afternoon targeting muskies.  Capt. Matt does do a lot of straight 1/2 day walleye or musky trips but this trip is the best value if you want to combine both walleye or bass with musky fishing. This trip you will fish the morning, head back in to relax during mid-day then head out for the afternoon bite window.  $425 and good for 1-3 people.  Live bait is included in the price so no hidden fees.

(example of morning walleye and pm musky trip)

Fish Till You Can't:  This trip is offered for those who just want to musky fish.  He runs this trip for those who have some musky fishing experience.  Capt. Matt would like to offer this trip for guys who like to musky fish and have experience.  He works hard and loves to be on the water chasing muskies and would like to offer a trip to those who would like to fish longer than just half a day for muskies.  He doesn't put a time frame on it but if you can fish hard he will continue to fish.  Pricing for the trip is $400 and good for 1-3 people.

Matt has guided trips for Local, Regional and National tv shows.


If you want more information on Wisconsin fishing trips head to HHO's fishing website:


 Texas Fishing:

During the Winter Months Matt heads to Texas and guides out of Castaway Lodge in Seadrift, TX.  With one phone call our clients have access to the best Texas Saltwater Fishing along with comfortable lodging and the best home cooked meals around.

Trophy Trout & Redfish on San Antonio Bay!